9 Reasons Why Is New York City Better Than Chicago

When deciding whether to move to New York City or Chicago, many people find themselves stuck in a difficult position. Both cities have a lot to offer, but each has unique pros and cons. So which city is better? 

In this blog post, we’ll look at why New York City is better than Chicago.

New York City is Safer Than Chicago

When considering two big cities to live in, safety is an important consideration. Compared to Chicago, New York City has significantly lower crime rates. 

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports from 2019, there were 5591 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in Chicago, while NYC had 1185. This shows that NYC has significantly less of an issue with violent crime than Chicago, with almost five times fewer incidents per capita. 

In addition to these low violent crime numbers, property crime also fares much better in NYC than in Chicago. 

In terms of burglaries and larceny-theft, the New York City rate is less than half of that for the Windy City for both types of crime, showing an apparent discrepancy between the two cities regarding safety. 

All this makes a compelling argument that New York City is safer than Chicago and offers a much more secure place for individuals and households to call home.

Economy: New York City has a GDP of $1.5 trillion, while Chicago’sChicago’s GDP is only $630 billion.

When considering two major cities such as New York City and Chicago, the economy often serves as one of the most important factors when making a comparison. This is due to economic activity’s close correlation with standard of living, employment opportunities, and a host of other important metrics. 

With that in mind, it becomes clear why New York City provides a greater financial benefit than Chicago — it has a gross domestic product (GDP) that is nearly double that of its Midwestern counterpart. 

At $1.5 trillion, New York City’s GDP is more than twice what Chicago produces at $630 billion, proving that there is a far wider range of economic opportunities available in the city. 

In addition to providing much more substantial job growth through its industries and financial sector, New York City also offers tax incentives and other attractions unique to major metropolitan areas like it. 

This means that those looking for opportunity have much better prospects in the Big Apple than they would in smaller cities like Chicago. For this reason alone, New York City stands firmly out above similar-sized competitors like Chicago regarding overall economic advantage.

History: New York City was founded in 1624, while Chicago wasn’t incorporated until 1837.

Of all the cities across the United States, none has the global appeal and prestige of New York City. There is a rich history at work behind this city’s success, one that goes back hundreds of years. 

From its establishment as a Dutch colony in 1625 to its status as a major port city during the Industrial Revolution, New York City has accrued an impressive reputation as a major hub of business and finance. 

While Chicago may also have some advantages, such as its more central location, it is difficult to deny that New York City has an edge historically over many other metropolitan areas, including Chicago. 

This history has set up New York City for sustained growth and prosperity over time, allowing it to remain a top destination for tourists and residents alike. 

Ultimately, New York City’s long-term success is primarily due to its past—proof that history matters in modern cities.  

Size: New York City is significantly larger, with a population of over 8 million compared to Chicago’s 2.7 million.

When comparing two major cities like, New York City and Chicago, it is useful to examine important factors such as size, population, and diversity. 

New York City is substantially larger than its midwestern counterpart: it occupies a land area of over 800 square miles, while Chicago is spread across just 227. 

On top of that, NYC’s population of 8.6 million people eclipses Chicago with its estimated 2.7 million inhabitants. As far as diversity goes, New York City’s massive population includes people from all over the world, making it a true melting pot of cultures and beliefs. 

In contrast, comparatively few immigrants call Chicago home. 

Furthermore, NYU’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports ranks NYC as the number 1 most diverse city in the US, while Chicago clocked in at number 14 out of 25 total cities in the report. 

All things considered, when comparing major urban locations like New York City and Chicago on criteria such as size, population, and diversity, New York City has clear advantages that make it stand out from its midwestern peers.

Diversity: There are more than 800 languages spoken in New York City, compared to about 200 in Chicago.

At first glance, New York City and Chicago might seem pretty similar – both are large urban centers in the heartland of the United States. However, beneath this surface-level similarity lies a world of difference that comes from each city’s inhabitants’ diversity. 

New York City is not just bigger than Chicago; it’s also more diverse. 

The Big Apple is home to more than 800 languages, giving the open-minded explorer an incredible range of cultural experiences. The same can’t be said for Chicago, where around 200 languages are spoken – impressive, yet far fewer than those available in New York City. 

Furthermore, due to its larger population size and wider variety of international inhabitants, New York City provides more culinary and entertainment options than anywhere else in the Midwest – offering visitors and locals alike access to experiences they won’t easily find elsewhere. 

Ultimately, this makes New York City undisputedly more diverse than Chicago – making it a top destination for those seeking the finest of what this great country has to offer.  

NYC has better job opportunities.

In recent years, New York City and Chicago have become two of the most popular cities in the United States. Both cities offer a rich array of cultural attractions, diverse neighborhoods, and an atmosphere of entrepreneurial spirit. 

However, New York City is the clear winner when it comes to job opportunities. 

For starters, the New York metropolitan area boasts a much larger population than Chicago’s metro area — which translates into more job openings across all industries. 

Additionally, with its highly educated workforce and business-friendly environment, NYC has long been known as the center of finance in the US — providing seemingly endless opportunities for professionals looking to make a career in finance or financial services. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities beyond finance in fields ranging from media to fashion to technology in NYC – while Chicago is more heavily focused on industry-related sectors such as manufacturing and transportation. 

In short, for those looking for rewarding alternate careers or lucrative career advancement opportunities, New York City is the ideal destination. 

Tourism: More than 60 million people visit New York City annually, compared to only 46 million who visit Chicago.

New York City is an exceptional destination for any vacationer looking to experience the culture and attractions a modern city offers. 

With over sixty million visitors annually, New York City’s hospitality and tourism industry continues to thrive. Compared to neighboring Chicago’s 46 million visitors annually, there can be no doubt that New York City comes out on top when it comes to tourist appeal. 

Whether it’s the remarkable museums and galleries, unique eateries, world-famous landmarks like the Empire State Building or Central Park, eclectic live entertainment in Times Square, or one of many other magnetic attractions and neighborhoods across NYC, there are enough incredible experiences to keep tourists busy for weeks. 

For anyone looking for a truly memorable urban getaway, New York City should always be the go-to destination.

Culture: From Broadway shows to world-renowned museums, there’s no shortage of culture in New York City.

With a thriving theater district and endless cultural activities, it’s no wonder that NYC is consistently recognized as one of the premier cities for culture. 

Home to some of the world’s most acclaimed musicals and plays, Broadway definitely puts New York City on the map for theater enthusiasts. 

Meanwhile, plenty of museums allow visitors to step back in time, dive into art history, or explore unusual topics. From the pink mosaics at The Metropolitan Museum of Art to the stunning sculptures of The Empire State Building Observatory, each corner of NYC offers something unique and unforgettable. 

Of course, these attractions aren’t limited to traditional guided tours; music lovers can hear their favorite bands while taking in views from popular rooftops, and visitors can get up close and personal with famous national icons like The Statue of Liberty and Central Park. 

All in all, there’s simply no comparison between NYC and Chicago when it comes to offering culturally-rich experiences – New York City stands out by providing an abundance of options for even the pickiest traveler. 

To top it all off, many of these places offer discount admission or free tickets throughout certain days each week or season so that everyone can experience a bit of what this vibrant city has to offer from time to time. 


Compared to its Midwest counterpart, New York City has some clear advantages when it comes to favorable weather. 

The Big Apple experiences warmer temperatures in the summer, with fewer days of extreme heat and milder winters on average. 

Furthermore, New Yorkers enjoy significantly more sunny days per year than their Chicagoan counterparts; this means more days for outdoor activities like picnicking and relaxing on rooftops. 

As a result of its position near the coast, New York City also benefits from consistent oceanic breezes that moderate temperature variance throughout the year. 

Although many argue that spring brings dampness that is unique to this part of the country, there can be no debate that temperature-wise, sunshine-wise, and breeziness-wise, NYC wins out over Chi-town regarding weather conditions. 

The only disadvantage may be more humidity – but a few showers are often a welcome relief on those hot summer days. 

Vacationers recognize New York City’s climate as an unbeatable choice for warm weather getaways amidst four distinct seasons. Whether enjoying winter strolls through Central Park or long beachside barbecues in July, visitors flock to NYC expecting optimal conditions for experiencing all the city has to offer – and seldom leave disappointed. 


While both NYC and Chicago are great American cities, it’s clear that New York City comes out on top when it comes to the reasons why it’s better than Chicago. 

From its world-renowned landmarks and attractions to its vast array of dining and nightlife options, there’s simply no comparison.