Why Does Everyone Love NYC?

New York City is one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world. The city is like a cultural melting pot where people from almost all nations live without much problem. 

Everyone loves New York City because of its excellent weather, 24/7 public transportation system, prolific job opportunity, safety and security, diverse food culture, education, and good medical services.

This big metropolitan city is famous globally for its geographic location, weather, transportation systems, educational institutions, business and job opportunities, medical facilities, tourism, and entertainment industries. 

New York City (NYC) is also known as The Big Apple. Like many other big cities, NYC has everything: impressive skyscrapers, beautiful parks, playgrounds, sea beaches, crowds, and a robust police department (NYPD). 

Geographic Location and Weather

New York City is situated in New York state, also known as The Empire State. It consists of five boroughs — The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. 

Only The Bronx is attached to the north-eastern mainland USA. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island are separate islands. Numerous bridges and tunnels connect all five boroughs.

The Hudson River flows by the city’s west side, and the Atlantic ocean is on its east. The Harlem River passes through The Bronx and Manhattan, and the East River flows between Manhattan and Long Island. Staten Island is in the Atlantic ocean, near the eastern New Jersey shoreline. 

New York City has slightly hilly and flat, both types of landscapes. It has beautiful rivers and seashores. 

Geographical location and weather made New York City an attractive place for living. The city has excellent weather conditions. Long cold winter brings some snowy days. Short summer months are warm and humid. Rainy days are year-round. Scattered cloudy days are also a typical scenario. People from all climates, tropical or tundra, love New York City. 

Transportation Systems 

New York City has an excellent transportation system. Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) plays an essential role in the residents’ daily commute. 

People don’t need to use private vehicles as bus and train services are available almost on every corner in this city. Buses and trains follow on-time schedules. Many of the city’s 8.865 million residents rely on this non-stop busy transportation system.

People from various socio-economic backgrounds are happy to be in New York City for its accessible and almost hassle-free commute opportunity.

The New York City Department Of Transportation (NYC DOT) is the owner and operator of the city’s many bridges and tunnels. It operates the Staten Island Ferry service every day between Manhattan and Staten Island to serve the city’s millions of people. The ferry service is free for everybody. New York City DOT-owned bridges are toll-free at all times.

New York City has one international airport and one regional airport. People from all over the world come here through the John F. Kennedy International Airport and make the city their home. LaGuardia Airport is used for domestic flights only.

Educational Institutions

New York City has a lot of schools, colleges, and Universities available for its students. International students are also welcomed in those institutes. Students usually need to pass the admission test before getting enrolled.

Students don’t need to travel far for education in New York City. The city has many neighborhoods, and every area has multiple schools and churches with head start programs. Some chartered schools are also available besides public schools for wealthy students. Special children have good educational opportunities too.

Parents living in New York City do not worry too much about their children’s higher education. The City University of New York (CUNY) has 25 colleges serving graduate and undergraduate courses all around the city. Community colleges are for undergraduate studies only, like the Bronx Community College. 

Columbia University, New York University(NYU), Cornell University, and Fordham University are some of the top-ranked world-known universities in New York City. 

Business and Job Opportunities

People love New York City, and one of the main reasons is business and job opportunities. The city has a lot of government and private business corporations. They always hire people according to their needs. Not all jobs require certifications in particular fields. As all types of jobs are available here, People like to be in NYC permanently, even though the living costs are high.

Medical Facilities

New York City has enough medical facilities for the city residents. All types of treatments are available there. People love the city as most of them have free medical aid or health insurance benefits. Medicaid or the city health insurance pays medical bills. 

Benefits and Low-Cost Housing Opportunities

People from low-income families love New York City a lot. 

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP helps eligible individuals with Electronic Benefit Transfer (SNAP) cards. Residents with low income, aging, or people with disabilities are eligible for the benefit programs. People use EBT cards as cash to buy food and non-alcoholic beverages.

WIC is another benefit program that supports mothers, infants, and children’s well-being. Many of the city’s Pharmacies, groceries, and corner stores accept WIC and EBT cards as payment methods. 

Housing costs in New York City are very high. New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) helps low and moderate-income New Yorkers by providing low-cost housing accommodations. Those apartments’ rent amounts are comparatively lower than average apartments in the same neighborhood. People have strong demand for those apartments. 

Because of these NYC benefits and low-cost housing, people love living in New York City.

Public Safety Condition

Even though 8 million people live in NYC, it’s a safe city compared to Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, or Detroit. 

Tourism and Entertainment

New York City’s gorgeous skyline view and architecture attract tourists from all over the world. The city is highly dependent on its tourism businesses. There are a lot of activities available for the tourists. People feel ecstatic to visit the city for those activities. 

The Time Squire and the downtown Manhattan areas are the most famous places in the world.

The Empire State Building, the Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, various zoos, multiple art museums, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, One World Observatory, and Central Park are some of the city’s notable tourist attractions. Sightseeing tours are available through Cruise ships, mega buses, and helicopter rides.

New York City has a lot of beautiful parks, botanical gardens, and playgrounds for children and adults. Central Park is the most noteworthy urban park on Manhattan island. Fort Tryon Park also has gorgeous views over the Hudson River. Moreover, Yankee Stadium, Icahn Stadium, Barclays Center, and City Field are known for professional tournaments.

There are some stunning beaches in New York City, and people love to go there in the summer months. Coney Island Beach, Orchard Beach, Brighton Beach, and Manhattan Beach get many visitors every year. 

Every corner of the city has theaters, bars, and restaurants and is always busy with customers. 


New York City is a lovely megacity, and people adore it because of its standard and quality of life. The city has everything that people crave.