Why is New York City Better Than DC?

New York City is one of the largest and best-known ethnically diverse megacities globally, situated in the New York state of the United States of America. Washington, District of Columbia (DC), is the capital of the USA.

New York City has a stock market that plays a big part in the country’s economic sector. The city is rich in many ways as it has residents from almost all nationalities. Tourists and business people flock here from all around the world. 

As the USA’s capital, Washington, DC, also plays a vital role in world politics and the economy, but people prefer NYC as their home. 


New York City’s weather is cooler than Washington, DC. DC has, on average, 203 sunny days per year, while NYC has 224 days. DC has slightly warmer summer months than New York City. So, New Yorkers enjoy the summer season better than the DC residents. 

NYC gets more precipitation than DC; for NYC, the amount of annual rainfall on average is 46.6 inches, and for Washington DC is 43.3 inches. More rain means moderate weather as it cools down the temperatures usually.

Population Density

Around 8.42 million people live in New York City. Over 27,000 people live here per square mile. The city is heavily diversified, with people from all over the world who came mainly for the American dream. 

DC is smaller in size and has less population density per capita. Around 692,683 people live in Washington, DC., and approximately 10,985 people live per capita. The New York City residents are older and family-oriented than in Washington, DC. NYC has fewer single people than DC.

Job Opportunity

New York City has more than a million businesses, and they always hire according to their needs. All types of jobs and business opportunities are available for city residents. Most newcomers start with odd jobs like small stores, gift shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and newsstands. These jobs are comparatively easy to find and require fewer skills. NYC has more job opportunities than Washington, DC.

Official jobs are hard to get and require higher education and degrees in specific fields. Many international financial companies also invested in their businesses in NYC. The World Trade Center is situated in the lower part of Manhattan, New York City.

Washington, DC, has fewer job opportunities as government jobs are tough to find, and it takes a long time. Like NYC, Washington, DC also has odd jobs, but very few in numbers. Both new emigrants and ordinary low-skilled local residents face hardships in coping with their economic crisis.

House Price and Rent

Currently, housing prices are going sky high all over the USA. Living in New York City is always more expensive than in many other big cities. Housing cost in DC is almost the same, sometimes a little cheaper than in New York City, depending on location. 

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) provides government assistance in rental housing for low-income families. Washington, DC, also has the same assistance program for low-income residents. The District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) provides the rental assistance program. NYCHA receives more applications for affordable housing than the DCHA.

Property Tax 

Property tax depends on assessing housing costs, and different neighborhoods have different rates. Both New York City and Washington, DC, have almost similar property taxes depending on the locations and house markets.

Educational Institutes

Washington, District of Columbia (DC) has fewer public schools than New York City. New York City has 1852 public schools while DC has only 117. Almost every neighborhood in NYC has multiple educational institutes for its large number of students. 


Living in NYC is better than DC living as more amenities are available everywhere. All types of grocery or convenience stores are present on many street corners. Many stores are open 24 hours every day. In New York City, everything is more accessible than in DC life. 

However, there is no Walmart in NYC, and it never permits Walmart establishments in the city area to protect its small businesses. Washington, DC, has 3 Walmart stores.

Traffic Issues and Transportation facilities

New York City has an effective transit system as its services cover all five boroughs (The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island). Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and Port Authority Bus Terminal are significant players in the city’s transit system. Frequent train and bus services are available every day except a few hours after midnight. 

Washington, DC, also has similar public transport facilities for its residents. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is the most significant public transport provider for DC residents. 

Traffic jams are a common issue in both places during pick hours. Most of the roads in NYC (except downtown Manhattan) have roadside parking opportunities, but Washington, DC, lacks that. People love to stay in NYC because of its excellent and easy-to-access transportation services from the transport system. New York City has ferry services between Manhattan and Staten Island.

Many New Yorkers don’t use cars for their daily commute.

Washington, DC region has three international airports, while New York City has one international (John F. Kennedy) and one domestic (La Guardia) airport. John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the USA, and it is reachable from any part of NYC within an hour.


New York City is safer than Washington, DC. Most of the residents are alert in NYC, and people are encouraged to report any trouble or acts of violence around them. Many places have posters calling, “If You See Something, Say Something.”

New York City ranked 9th as the top 50 safest global cities, while Washington DC ranked 19th. Washington, DC has more murder rates than New York City, though both places have strong security forces.

Parks and Recreation

New York City has more public parks and recreational facilities than Washington, DC. They are always crowded in the summer months. Both places have several museums focusing on different fields.

There are also some sea beaches in New York City. Gambling is prohibited in Washington, DC. Many tourists travel to New York City to enjoy holidays and vacations.

Both New York City and Washington DC have great importance and influence on America’s different sectors. Washington DC is the capital of the USA, but NYC seems like the capital of the business world.